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Table 6 Calculated average ROLLING velocities, BONDS in the contact zone, and BONDS in the trailing row of the LEUKOCYTES' CONTACT ZONE

From: Dynamics of in silico leukocyte rolling, activation, and adhesion

  0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5
Average ROLLING velocity (μm/s) 3.42 5.19 7.98 10.68 14.16
Average number of BONDS in CONTACT ZONE 7.26 6.42 5.45 4.87 4.29
Average number of BONDS in the rear row of LEUKOCYTES' CONTACT ZONE 1.5 1.46 1.40 1.38 1.33
  1. Averages are from 60 simulations that had at least 10 INTERACTIONS (pauses). ROLLING velocities fall within ranges reported in the literature. Average number of BONDS in the CONTACT ZONE is in agreement with values estimated by mathematical models, which range from two to twenty bonds