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Table 2 Number of EFMs for each studied carbon source and with the biomass composition reported in [16].

From: Effect of carbon source perturbations on transcriptional regulation of metabolic fluxes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Substrate EFMs – M81* EFMs – M57
Glucose 136,925 (184,631) 13,255
Ethanol 11,427 (15,099) 1,225
Acetate 4,240 (5,452) 536
Lactate 25,484 (34,319) 2,533
  1. The numbers in paranthesis shows EFM numbers when the biomass composition of [19] is employed for comparison. EFM numbers for a smaller model (M57) are also given for comparison. The larger model (M81) includes 81 reactions and contains part of the amino acid biosynthesis together with the central carbon metabolism. The smaller model only covers the central metabolism with 57 reactions. *In M81, the EFMs with simultaneous occurrence of GDH2 and GDH13 were not taken into account since this leads to transhdrogenase activity, which is known to be not available in S. cerevisiae.