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Figure 2

From: Understanding network concepts in modules

Figure 2

Drosophila PPI module networks: the relationship between fundamental network concepts NetworkConcept ( A - I ) (y-axis) and their approximate CF-based analogs NetworkConceptCF,app(x-axis). This figure demonstrates Observation 2. A) Density versus DensityCF,app; B) Centralization versus CentralizationCF,app; C) Heterogeneity versus HeterogeneityCF,app; D) Intramodular clustering coefficients ClusterCoef i versus ClusterCoefCF,app. In Figures A), B) and C), each dot corresponds to a module since these network concepts summarize an entire network module. In Figure D), each dot corresponds to a node since these network concepts are node specific. A reference line with intercept 0 and slope 1 has been added to each plot.

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