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Table 3 *Glucose and glycerol supplementation were added as described in [20].

From: Investigating the metabolic capabilities of Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv using the in silico strain iNJ 661 and proposing alternative drug targets

in silico media composition
Youmans Middlebrook 7H9 CAMR
oxygen ammonium L-alanine
L-asparagine calcium L-arginine
citrate chloride L-asparagine
glycerol citrate L-aspartic acid
water copper L-glutamic acid
octadecanoate (Tween) ferric iron L-glycine
phosphate L-glutamate L-isoleucine
sulfate magnesium L-leucine
magnesium oxygen L-serine
potassium phosphate L-phenylalanine
bicarbonate sodium pyruvate
(ferric iron: minimal amount) sulfate glycerol
  water octadecanoate (Tween)