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Table 5b Detailed listing of the AL results for the False Negative results for iNJ 661. The first column lists a locus needed for optimal growth according to the OptGro dataset. The second column lists the reactions involved. The third column lists the possible alternative loci in iNJ 661 (commas indicate isozymes, addition symbols indicate formation of protein complexes).

From: Investigating the metabolic capabilities of Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv using the in silico strain iNJ 661 and proposing alternative drug targets

Alternative Loci in False Negative results
OptGro Reaction Other loci in iNJ661
Rv0337c ASPTA Rv2565
Rv0462 PDHc, PDH, PDHa Rv0843, Rv2497c+Rv2496c
Rv0808 GLUPRT Rv1602
Rv0824c DESAT18 Rv1094
Rv1122 GND Rv1844c
Rv1600 HSTPT Rv3772, Rv2231c
Rv1602 GLUPRT Rv0808
Rv1609 ANS Rv2859c
Rv2182c AGPAT160190, AGPAT160, AGPAT190 Rv2483c
Rv2215 PDH, AKGDb Rv2241, Rv0462, Rv0843
Rv2231c HSTPT Rv1600, Rv3772
Rv2397c SULabc, TSULabc Rv1739c
Rv2398c SULabc, TSULabc Rv1739c
Rv2399c SULabc, TSULabc Rv1739c
Rv2400c SULabc, TSULabc Rv1739c
Rv2682c DXPS Rv3379c
Rv2746c PGSA190, PGSA160, PGSA160190 Rv1822
Rv2996c PGCD Rv0728c
Rv3003c ACLS Rv3509c+Rv3002c, Rv1820+Rv3002c, Rv3509c+Rv3002c, Rv3002c+Rv3470c
Rv3042c PSP_L Rv0505c
Rv3257c PMANM, AIRCr Rv3275c+Rv3276c
Rv3275c AIRCr Rv3257c+Rv3276c
Rv3281 ACCOACr Rv3280+Rv0904c
Rv3441c PMANM, ACGAMPM Rv3308, Rv3257c
Rv3634c UDPG4E Rv0536, Rv0501
Rv0112 GMAND Rv1511
Rv2247 PPCOAC Rv2502c+Rv0973c, Rv3285+Rv0974c, Rv0973c+Rv0974c,
Rv0973c PPCOAC Rv2502c+Rv0973c, Rv3285+Rv0974c, Rv0973c+Rv0974c, Rv2501c+Rv2247
Rv3285 PPCOAC Rv2502c+Rv0973c, Rv0973c+Rv0974c, Rv2501c+Rv2247
Rv2967c PC Rv2976c
Rv3464 TDPGDH Rv3468c, Rv3784
Rv2754c TMDS Rv2764c
Rv3713 ADCYRS Rv2848c