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Table 2 Regulatory descriptors – transcription factors

From: Revealing cell cycle control by combining model-based detection of periodic expression with novel cis-regulatory descriptors

Transcription factor P-value Sequence motif
YOX1 2.25e-06 MCM1
  3.83e-05 ECB
  0.0034 m_organization_of_cell wall_orfnum2SD_n6
UME6 5.70e-114 m_meiosis_orfnum2SD_n3
  1.75e-70 Ume6 (URS1)
  1.74e-17 m_glyoxylate_cycle_orfnum2SD_n11
ABF1 6.5e-214 ABF1
  2.98e-09 Ume6 (URS1)
  7.8e-09 RPN4
  1. The three most significantly co-occuring sequence motifs for the YOX1, UME6 and ABF1 transcription factors.