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Table 1 Parameter values used in the ABM multicellular simulation.

From: Multiscale computational analysis of Xenopus laevis morphogenesis reveals key insights of systems-level behavior

Parameter Type Parameter (units) Value Reference
Initial Conditions Amount of Fn per patch (relative units; prescribed as the mean and standard deviation of the normal distribution) Mean = 250; S.D. = 50 unpublished observation in Xenopus laevis explants
  Initial gradient of Fn (Fn concentration scaling factor for each pixel row that ensures a vertical gradient in the initial Fn concentration; higher values of this parameter generate a steeper gradient) 10 unpublished observation in Xenopus laevis explants
  Total number of mesendodermal cells 53 [9]
  Extent of cell shingling (percentage of cell surface area overlapping the neighboring cell behind it) 77 [9]
  Width of explant (microns) 85 [9]
  Length of explant (microns) 309 [9]
  Cadherin activation (mN/m2) 2.5 [21]
  Integrin activation (mN/m2) 1.5 [21]
Degradation of Fn Amount of degradation (reduction in Fn as a percentage of previous amount in that pixel prior to degradation by cell) 0.3 unpublished observation in Xenopus laevis explants
Polarity Signal Strength (percent contribution of the polarity signal to the direction or heading of the cell) 4.7 hypothesized based on [25]
Migration Mean distance traveled per time step (microns) 6.5 [9]