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Table 1 Parameter values used. #mol is number of molecules.

From: RNA silencing can explain chlorotic infection patterns on plant leaves

Model Par. Meaning Value units
Intracellular r maximum translation rate × #ribosomes 15*5000 #mol hr-1
  o max rate of complex formation ssRNA 1 hr-1
  o d max rate of complex formation dsRNA 100 hr-1
  f ratio of binding plus or minus RNA 0.9 -
  h dsRNA-RDR splitting rate 10 hr-1
  v max virion production rate 500 #mol hr-1
  D i number of Dicer molecules 500 #mol
  c d max Dicer cleavage rate for dsRNA 0–15 #mol hr-1
  c s max Dicer cleavage rate for ssRNA 0–10 #mol hr-1
  b 1 rate of RISC activation 0.005 #mol -1 hr-1
  b 2 RISC target cleavage rate 20 #mol -1 hr-1
  i translation of RISC 100 #mol hr-1
  a amplification (a u , a p and a g ) 100 #mol hr-1
  d r decay RdRP and RISC 0.1 hr-1
  D decay viral ssRNA 0.5 hr-1
  d si decay siRNA 2 hr-1
  d v decay virions 0.1 hr-1
  k v saturation of virion production 10,000 #mol
  k d saturation of Dicer cleavage 10,000 #mol
  k t saturation constant for translation 1,000 #mol
  k ri saturation of RISC cleavage 1,000 #mol
  k r saturation of complex formation 1,000 #mol
  k a saturation amplification 1000 #mol
Spatial ΔSi percentage of siRNAs exiting the cell 0–10 hr-1
  ΔV percentage of virions exiting the cell 1 hr-1
  u unpacking rate of virions 2 #mol hr-1