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Table 4 Targets in the H-List that are also involved in drug resistance mechanisms.

From: targetTB: A target identification pipeline for Mycobacterium tuberculosis through an interactome, reactome and genome-scale structural analysis

Resistance related proteins
Protein Description
CcdA (Rv0527) Cytochrome
PolA (Rv1629) SOS
LldD2 (Rv1872c) Cytochrome
QcrC (Rv2194) Cytochrome
QcrB (Rv2196) Cytochrome
CtaC (Rv2200c) Cytochrome
Cyp121 (Rv2276) Cytochrome
Rv3660c (Rv3660c) HGT
Proteins closely connected to resistance proteins
Protein Closely connected to
SecY (Rv0732) DnaE1 (SOS) and SecA1 and SecA2 (HGT)
Rv0843 (Rv0843) Three cytochrome proteins
Pdc (Rv0853c) Rv1988 (Antibiotic Efflux Pump) and two cytochromes
Rv1456c (Rv1456c) Three cytochrome proteins
Rv1711 (Rv1711) RecA, DnaE1 (SOS proteins) and a cytochrome
Rv1828 (Rv1828) SecA2 (HGT) and two cytochromes
QcrC (Rv2194) Four cytochrome proteins
QcrA (Rv2195) Five cytochrome proteins
QcrB (Rv2196) Five cytochrome proteins
CtaC (Rv2200c) Five cytochrome proteins
Cyp121 (Rv2276) 19 cytochrome proteins
HemE (Rv2678c) Seven cytochrome proteins
FtsK (Rv2748c) SOS proteins RecA, PolA and DnaE1
RnhB (Rv2902c) SOS proteins PolA, DnaE1 and DnaE2
TrmD (Rv2906c) SOS proteins PolA, DnaE1 and Rv2294 (Antibiotic Efflux Pump)
PrfB (Rv3105c) PolA (SOS) and SecA1 and SecA2 (HGT)
IlvX (Rv3509c) Three cytochrome proteins
TrxB2 (Rv3913) RecA (SOS) and two cytochrome proteins
  1. The top panel shows targets that are directly implicated in resistance mechanisms. The lower panel indicates targets which are immediately connected to proteins involved in the emergence of resistance in the interactome. These proteins are predicted to be involved in mediating the flow of information from the targets to the resistance machinery.