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Table 5 Importance of LSCC in the paths of different subnetworks

From: On cycles in the transcription network of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

subnetwork cc sp sr ds dd
average path length 4.64 3.55 2.31 2.10 1.94
PERCENTPATH 87.1 69.4 72.1 57.8 54.6
PERCENTLENGTH 94.2 78.0 81.6 64.4 59.0
  1. In each physiological subnetwork we consider the set P of pairs of the form TF-TT such that there is a chain of interactions (a path) from the TF of the pair to the TT; for p P we define ℓ p , the length of the shortest path for this pair; moreover, Q is the subset of P such that the respective path has to go through LSCC. Then average path length = ∑pP p /|P|, PERCENTPATH = |Q|/|P|, and PERCENTPATH = ∑pQ p /∑pP p .