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Table 2 Number of conjoint genes found by directly comparing gene identifiers as stored in primary datasets, and by comparing datasets expanded by transcription factors and nearest neighbor protein-protein interactions. Meta-UP, Meta-ALL, and SEREX-ovarian are the original source datasets. Meta-UP+TFs represents the upregulated genes of Meta-ALL additionally enriched by identified transcription factors. Meta-UP, expanded, is the original Meta-UP gene list expanded by nearest neighbor protein-protein interactions. Meta-UP+TFs, expanded, additionally includes associated transcription factors. Meta-ALL, expanded, and SEREX, expanded, are the original datasets expanded by nearest neighbor protein-protein interactions.

From: Linking the ovarian cancer transcriptome and immunome

  Meta-UP (86) Meta-ALL (192) SEREX (81)
Meta-UP - - 3
Meta-ALL - - 4
SEREX-ovarian 3 4 -
Meta-UP+TFs - - 3
Meta-UP, expanded - 88 5
Meta-UP+TFs, expanded - 92 6
Meta-ALL, expanded - - 6
SEREX-ovarian, expanded 6 9 -