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Table 1 Integration of information

From: Reconstruction and analysis of the genetic and metabolic regulatory networks of the central metabolism of Bacillus subtilis

Genes 534 organization in 186 operons
Metabolites 456  
Reactions 563 metabolic pathways, complexes, enzymatic regulation
Enzymatic regulations 79 including cofactors, ions and regulations by metabolites
Genetic regulations 65 TFs 9 Sigma factors 21 others* with their metabolite effectors, distinction between activation and modulation
Functions 7 - central carbon pathway, overflow
- fermentation, oxidative phosphorylation,
- carbohydrate transport and degradation,
- amino acid synthesis and degradation
- nucleotide synthesis and salvage pathways
- fatty-acid synthesis and degradation
  1. *correspond to RtpA, S-box, L-box, A-box, G-box, Plead, SR1 and 14 T-boxes.