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Table 1 Computational costs in the STAT5 case study (in seconds) for 0% and 10% noise to signal ratio, respectively.

From: Hybrid optimization method with general switching strategy for parameter estimation

Simulated data with 0%/10% noise
Box Size SS MS SRES Hybrid
5 65/80 140/155 30/46 9/10
10 86/90 317/453 34/55 10/11
100 141/170 950/1095 58/80 17/22
  1. The CPU time is normalized using the Linpack benchmark table and is in case of the multistarts of the single shooting (SS) and multiple-shooting (MS) method the sum over all restarts. Increased robustness of MS results in substantially higher computational cost compared to SS. The hybrid is about 3–4 times faster than SRES manifesting the advantage of the proposed method.