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Table 2 Computational costs in the Goodwin case study (in seconds) for 0% and 10% noise to signal ratio, respectively.

From: Hybrid optimization method with general switching strategy for parameter estimation

Simulated data with 0%/10% noise
Box Size SS MS DE Hybrid
5 213/409 907/1153 108/104 13/12
10 326/423 1340/1443 972/846 16/14
100 453/472 733/1021 1320/1370 30/26
  1. The CPU time is normalized using the Linpack benchmark table and is in case of the multistarts of the single shooting (SS) and multiple-shooting (MS) method the sum over all restarts. As in the case of the STAT5 example the improved robustness of multiple-shooting gives rise to increased computational cost compared to single shooting. The benefit of the hybrid becomes evident by the fact that the computational cost of the hybrid is about 8 times lower than DE for the Box 5, 60 times lower for the Box 10 and around 40 for Box 100.