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Table 1 Genes in the data sets known to be related to spindle migration. For the statistical assessment (hypergeometric test) of the Gaussian Mixture Modeling results we used a reference set of all genes involved in spindle migration present in the data set analyzed. For some of the genes, their involvement in spindle migration has been published. The rest is known to be involved from the unpublished results of a previous Kar9-localization screen (Methods). Some key regulatory genes, such as kar9 and bim1, though being in the original synthetic lethality data set, are missing in the data set used for the analysis because of missing data for some observations (Additional File 5).

From: Annotating novel genes by integrating synthetic lethals and genomic information

Reference gene list
Gene name ORF Evidence
ELP6 YMR312W unpublished data
BIM1 YER016W [40]
YPT7 YML001W unpublished data
PAT1 YCR077C unpublished data
CCZ1 YBR131W unpublished data
ASE1 YOR058C [41]
TVP38 YKR088C unpublished data