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Figure 4

From: An integrated genetic, genomic and systems approach defines gene networks regulated by the interaction of light and carbon signaling pathways in Arabidopsis

Figure 4

A proposed model: CLI186 is an integrator of L and C signaling interactions. L and C signaling interactions converge via CLI186 that may, in turn, act on a number of downstream regulatory factors such as HAT22, SINA, RAV1, ERF5, WRKY and a Zn-finger protein. These regulatory proteins may regulate a number of genes involved in various biological processes such as N-metabolism, C-metabolism and Energy among others. Genes involved in the light reactions of photosynthesis (CAB4, LHCA2*1, etc.) were not represented within the multinetwork and so it remains unclear how CLI186 may target these genes for regulation. Genes in bold are those that exhibit misregulation in the cli186 mutant and in phyA and phyB mutants, supporting the hypothesis that the light signal integrated with carbon may be perceived through a phytochrome pathway. The genes within the dashed box indicate a relationship supported by the network analyses. All genes depicted within this hierarchical network are misregulated in the cli186 mutant, with the exception of PHYA. This molecular hierarchy depicted is supported by our analysis and interpretation of the microarray analyses carried out for cli186.

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