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Table 4 The effect of toxicity degree on expression variation stratified by the set of environmental stress response (ESR).

From: The effects of protein interactions, gene essentiality and regulatory regions on expression variation

Gene group Ca_Na_exposure Chemostat Environmental Stress Oxidative Stress
  β p-value β p-value β p-value β p-value
ESR -0.0710 0.0053 -0.0314 0.0532 -0.0176 0.3640 0.0026 0.8708
Non-ESR -0.0848 2.09e-13 -0.0354 1.11e-07 -0.0579 1.28e-11 -0.0091 0.2086
  1. The linear model is built for each of the four gene expression datasets, respectively. β is the linear coefficient in the linear model and the p-value is related to the null hypothesis that β ≠ 0 versus β = 0.