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Table 3 The GO terms that significantly enriched with three-way interactions. In the bold style are the more specific GO terms

From: Constructing disease-specific gene networks using pair-wise relevance metric: Application to colon cancer identifies interleukin 8, desmin and enolase 1 as the central elements

Category GO term p Description
Biological Process GO:0009059 0.0014 macromolecule biosynthesis
  GO:0006412 0.0056 protein biosynthesis
  GO:0044249 0.0080 cellular biosynthesis
  GO:0009058 0.0150 biosynthesis
Cellular Component GO:0043228 0.0018 non-membrane-bound organelle
  GO:0043232 0.0018 intracellular non-membrane-bound organelle
  GO:0005840 0.0039 ribosome
  GO:0043234 0.0077 protein complex
  GO:0030529 0.0301 ribonucleoprotein complex
Molecular Function GO:0005198 0.0074 structural molecule activity
  GO:0003735 0.0102 structural constituent of ribosome