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Table 1 List of species for the ARF model

From: Explaining oscillations and variability in the p53-Mdm2 system

Name Description Database term Initial amount
p53 Unbound p53 protein P04637 5
Mdm2 Unbound Mdm2 protein Q00987 5
Mdm2_p53 Mdm2/p53 complex P04637/Q00987 95
Mdm2_mRNA Mdm2 messenger RNA SBO:0000278 0
ARF Unbound ARF protein Q8N726 0
ARF_Mdm2 ARF/Mdm2 complex Q8N726/Q00987 0
IR Dose of irradiation n/a 0 dGy
damDNA Amount of damaged DNA CHEBI16991 0
  1. Terms starting with:
  2. P or Q are from UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot [61].
  3. SBO are from Systems Biology Ontology [62]
  4. CHEBI are from Chemical Entities of Biological Interest Database [63]