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Table 2 Carbon sources enabling growth of i JN746 in i M9 mineral medium.

From: A genome-scale metabolic reconstruction of Pseudomonas putida KT2440: i JN746 as a cell factory

Class Compound Class Compound
Aromatic and related compounds   Amino acids  
  Protocatechuate   L-Arginine
  Caffeate   L-Aspartate
  Oxoadipate   L-Glutamate
  4-Hydroxybenzoate   L-Glycine
  Benzoate   L-Histidine
  Catechol   L-Isoleucine
  Coniferyl alcohol   L-Leucine
  Ferulate   L-Lysine
  Gallate   L-Proline
  m-Xylene   L-Serine
  Nicotinate   L-Threonine
  p-Xylene   L-Valine
  Phenylacetate Organics acids  
  L-Phenylalanine   α-Ketoglutarate
  Quinate   Citrate
  p-Coumarate   Fumarate
  Toluene   Isocitrate
  L-Tyrosine   D-Lactate
  Vanillin   L-Lactate
  Vanillate   Malate
Fatty acids    Succinate
  Acetate Carbohydrates  
  Decanoate   2-ketogluconate
  Dodecanoate   D-Fructose
  Hexadecanoate   D-Glucose
  Hexanoate   D-Gluconate
  Octanoate   D-Ribose
  Propionate Miscellaneous compounds  
  Tetradecanoate   4-Aminobuturate
Polyalcohols and glycols    Glycine betaine
  Glyceraldehyde   Ornithine
  Glycerol   Choline
  Glycolate   Choline sulfate
  1. Carbon sources enabling growth of i JN746 in i M9 mineral medium. The compounds were grouped based their structural characteristics. A complete list of carbon sources tested, along with possible nitrogen and sulfur sources, as well as bibliographic support can be found in the Additional file 2.