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Figure 2

From: Iterative reconstruction of a global metabolic model of Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1 using high-throughput growth phenotype and gene essentiality data

Figure 2

Modeling framework. (A) A metabolic model is represented as a combination of three model components: GPR Boolean rules associate genes (G1 to G5) with reactions (R1 to R3), the network of reactions defines the set of feasible biochemical transformations (illustrated by the arrows), and the set of essential biomass precursors defines the requirements for growth. Growth phenotypes are predicted by assessing whether all biomass precursors can be produced by the metabolic network from the set of metabolites from the medium [26] (see Methods) (B) Gene deletions potentially inactivate reactions, which in turn may reduce the space of producible metabolites. In case where a biomass precursor is no more producible, gene deletion is predicted lethal on the given medium.

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