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Figure 1

From: Interlinked nonlinear subnetworks underlie the formation of robust cellular patterns in Arabidopsis epidermis: a dynamic spatial model

Figure 1

Cellular patterns and meta-gene regulatory network models for leaf and root Arabidopsis epidermis. Spaced-out pattern of trichome distribution in the leaf of Arabidopsis thaliana (A). Root-hairs (green) are arranged in bands that overlie the junction of two cortex cells (yellow) (B). Coupled gene regulatory network (GRN) model for cell type determination in leaf epidermis (C). GRN underlying cell-fate determination in root epidermis (D). (E) and (F) represent the GRN for leaf and root epidermis, respectively. In both networks, nodes correspond to genes, arrows stand for positive regulatory interactions and flat-end edges stand for negative ones. Red nodes represent elements that are able to move among cells and couple the GRN into meta-GRN. Red lines stand for intercellular interactions established by mobile elements. Asterisks in (B) and (D) indicate the H position where the cortex-related signal is acting.

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