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Figure 5

From: Interlinked nonlinear subnetworks underlie the formation of robust cellular patterns in Arabidopsis epidermis: a dynamic spatial model

Figure 5

Spatial root-like pattern is stabilised by differential diffusion in the x and y axes. The pattern generated by the coupled GRN model gives rise to a striped pattern with some 'errors' that would correspond to ectopic hairs (A). A similar pattern but with fewer or no errors is obtained when diffusion rate in the x axis is larger than that in the y axis (Dy-axis= 0) and the same random seed is taken (B). The parameter spaces for each case are presented below their typical cell arrangements (C), (D). The colour scale indicates the logarithm of the average number of ectopic cell-types for every combination of parameters. Note that, overall, the parameter space obtained for differential diffusion exhibits fewer ectopic trichoblasts.

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