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Table 2 Procedure FindPath

From: Inferring branching pathways in genome-scale metabolic networks

FindPath(G, P, vΔ, U, w, k, l):
Input: atom graph G, current pathway P, source node vΔ, unresolved nodes U, 0 <w ≤ 1 and k, l +
1: Add edges (v u , v U ) for each u U to G
2: Q ← FindKShortestSimpleAtomPaths(G, k, vΔ, v U )
3: Remove edges (v u , v U ) for each u U from G
4: for all Q Q do
5:    P' ← {r Γ-1 (q)|q Q} % Reactions involved with atom path Q
6:    if Z O (P P', S, T) ≥ w and |P P'| <l then
7:       Found a solution pathway P P'
8:    U'
9:    for all u U do
10:       v ← FindPathStart(P', u)
11:       if vvΔ then
12:          U'U' {v}
13:    if U' then
14:       FindPath(G, P P', vΔ, U', w, k, l)