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Table 1 Reaction rates used in the R. sphaeroides chemotaxis models

From: A model invalidation-based approach for elucidating biological signalling pathways, applied to the chemotaxis pathway in R. sphaeroides

reaction parameter(s) value(s)
(R1) A2A2p k 1 0.03 s-1
(R2) A2p+B1 A2 + B1p 0.035(μ Ms)-1, 0.01(μ Ms)-1
(R3) A2p+ Y3 A2 + Y3p 0.065 (μ Ms)-1, 0
(R4) A2p+ Y4 A2 + Y4p 0.004(μ Ms)-1, 0
(R5) A2p+ Y6 A2 + Y6p 0.0006(μ Ms)-1, 0
(R6) A2p+ B2 A2 + B2p 0.0035(μ Ms)-1, 0.01(μ Ms)-1
(R7) B1pB1 k 7 0
(R8) Y3pY3 K 8 0.08s-1
(R9) Y4pY4 K 9 0.02s-1
(R10) Y6pY6 K 10 0.1s-1
(R11) B2pB2 K 11 0.015s-1
(R12) A3A4p+ Y6 A3A4+ Y6p 0.1 (μ Ms)-1, 0
(R13) A3A4p+ B2 A3A4 + B2p 0.006(μ Ms)-1, 0.07(μ Ms)-1
(R14)A3A4A3A4p k 14 0.02s-1
  1. The reaction rates used for the models determined by fitting phosphotransfer in vitro experiments [16, 31]. For some of these reaction rates the best fit is zero suggesting that these reactions do not occur in vitro.