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Table 3 Protein metabolism - parameters.

From: Long-term prediction of fish growth under varying ambient temperature using a multiscale dynamic model

Parameter Description Value Source
f p , f t Flux of amino acids post degradation process 0.75, 0.25 [23, 60]
T opt Optimal operation temperature 12°C [12]
ϑ s Effect of temperature on protein synthesis rate 1/16 [13]
ϑ d Parabolic temperature-degradation constant 0.013/°C2 [15]
b d Minimum degradation rate factor in f d 0.052 [13]
ψ Genetically determined efficiency of rate of protein degradation 0.2 ~0.85 assumed
Concentrations of EAA in the pool μ mol/g [61]
p c Protein buildup capacity constant 0.185 [35]
c d Effect of EAA on protein degradation 2 assumed
V ps Gain on the protein buildup capacity. Estimated from large scale experiments and simulations, not a sensitive parameter [62] 10 estimated
V pd Gain on the protein degradation. Estimated from simulations of nitrogen excretion and Comparison with data [34] 10 Estimated
  1. Parameters associated with the protein metabolism process.