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Table 4 Lipid network states and parameters.

From: Long-term prediction of fish growth under varying ambient temperature using a multiscale dynamic model

State space equations
d(AcCoA cyt )/dt = -7kq 1AcCoA cyt ·ATP-kq 2AcCoA cyt ·malCoA·NADPH
d(malCoA)/dt = 7kq 1AcCoA cyt ·ATP - 7kq 2AcCoA cyt ·malCoA·NADPH
d(FA)/dt = kq 2AcCoA cyt ·malCoA·NADPH - 3U ls k ls FA + 3U ld k ld TAG - U xd k xd FA·NAD+ +
d(TAG)/dt = U ls k ls FA - U ld k ld TAG
  1. The state space equations and the parameters of lipid metabolic network. AcCoA cyt is the concentration of acetyl-CoA in the cytosol. malCoA is the concentration of malonyl-CoA.