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Table 8 Central metabolism - parameters.

From: Long-term prediction of fish growth under varying ambient temperature using a multiscale dynamic model

Parameter Description Value Source
k r 1,3,4,9 rate constants for the network functions h1, h3, h4 and h9 1/μ mol2/s assumed
k r 2 rate constant for the network function h2 1/μ mol/s assumed
Vpdh maximal velocity of the reaction involving pyruvate dehydro-genase (PDH) 25μ mol [67]
concentrations of AcCoA at half saturation of the reaction involving PDH 0.2μ mol [67]
Vketo maximal velocity of isocitrate dehydrogenase reaction 100μ mol [68]
ATP levels at half saturation of the isocitrate dehydrogenase reaction 7μ mol/g [25, 66, 69]
Vmal maximal velocity of the malate-pyruvate pathway, must be smaller than koxal to maintain regulation. Estimated from [70] 0.1 μ mol estimated
oxaloacetate levels at half saturation of the malate-pyruvate pathway 0.04 nmol/g [71]
Voxal maximal velocity of the pyruvate-oxaloacetate pathway 5 μ mol [58]
AcCoA levels at half saturation in the pyruvate-oxaloacetate pathway 3μ mol/g [58]
k tca rate constant in the TCA cycle 10/s/μ mol [69]
k citr Half saturation constant in citrate aconitase reaction 1.4/s [72]
k iso rate constant of citrate aconitase reversible reaction 10/s [73]
k oxal rate constant of malate to oxaloacetate reaction 1.4/s/μ mol [70]
k mal rate constant of oxaloacetate to malate reaction 2.8/s/μ mol2 [70]
k cyt rate constant of citrate transport from the matrix to the cytosol (by tricarboxylate carriers), estimated from [74], must be slower than isocitrate dehydrogenase reaction 1/s/μ mol estimated
  1. Constants associated with the intermediate metabolism submodel