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Table 9 Glycolysis. State space equations for the glycolysis process, with the state variables glu, g6p, pGt, g3p are glucose, glucose-6-phosphate, 6-phosphogluconate and glyceraldehyde 3-phosp.

From: Long-term prediction of fish growth under varying ambient temperature using a multiscale dynamic model

State space equation
[] = - kg 1[glu] + ug, feed
[] = kg 1[glu] - kg 2[g 6p]·[NADP+] - U glyc k glyc [g 6p]
[] = kg 2[g 6p]·[NADP+] - kg 2[pGt]·[NADP+]
[] = U glyc k glyc [g 6p] + kg 2[pGt]·[NADP+] - kg 2[g 3p]·ATP
Rate constants
kg 1= 1/s
kg 2= 1/μ mol/s
k glyc = 1/μ mol/s