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Table 1 The first, second and third principal components for gene expression levels in an α-factor/release experiment.

From: Inferring a transcriptional regulatory network of the cytokinesis-related genes by network component analysis

PCn Gene Absolute Loading value Mutant Phenotype Phase
  CHS2 0.48434 inviable M
  CDC5 0.47182 inviable M
1 IQG1 0.35847 inviable M
  BUD4 0.31178 viable M
  CDC20 0.22889 inviable M
  GPA1 0.53103 inviable M/G1
2 KAR2 0.25863 inviable  
  CHS2 0.25179 inviable M
3 SEC31 0.41762 inviable  
  BNI1 0.234 viable  
TF Mutant Phenotype
Mcm1 inviable
Ndd1 inviable
Fkh2 viable