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Table 1 Elementary mode analysis output summary for comparison of daylight modeling approaches.

From: In silico approaches to study mass and energy flows in microbial consortia: a syntrophic case study

  compartment pooled nested
# of modes 74507 38216 428
YX/hva 0.117 0.128 0.116
YATP/hvb 1 1 1
YXsyn/hvc 0.117 n/a 0.116
YXFAP/hv 0.078 n/a 0.075
YXSRB/hv 0.016 n/a 0.015
YATPsyn/hv 1 n/a 1
YATPFAP/hv 0.5 n/a 0.506
YATPSRB/hv 0.033 n/a 0.031
YPG/hv 0.122 0.125 0.121
YPHB/hvd 0.089 0.111 0.090
  1. n/a = not applicable.
  2. a 'Yi/j' is the yield of i on j (i.e. production of i divided by consumption of j). 'X' represents Cmoles of biomass and 'hv' denotes moles of photosynthetically-available photons.
  3. b 'ATP' represents moles of ATP available for cellular maintenance.
  4. c 'syn' designates a parameter associated with the Synechococcus guild. 'FAP' indicates a parameter associated with the filamentous anoxygenic phototroph guild and 'SRB' denotes a parameter associated with sulfate-reducing bacteria guild.
  5. d 'PHB' represents Cmoles of polyhydroxybutyrate (a carbon/electron storage compound associated with the filamentous anoxygenic phototrophs).