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Figure 1

From: A module-based analytical strategy to identify novel disease-associated genes shows an inhibitory role for interleukin 7 Receptor in allergic inflammation

Figure 1

An outline of the analytical process in the study. 1) Integrated analysis of gene expression microarrays to find disease-associated genes, 2) Bioinformatic identification of a key pathway among those genes 3) Selection and experimental validation of a reference gene in the pathway, 4) Combined comparative promoter and gene expression microarray analysis to find a transcription factor that co-regulated the reference genes and other putative module genes, 5) Construction of a hypothetical module based on genes co-regulated by the transcription factor, 6) Independent gene expression microarray studies to validate the hypothetical module, 7) Topological analysis of module genes to find a novel gene. Experimental validation of the gene.

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