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Table 5 Reactions of the Complete cAMP pathway Model

From: Deterministic mathematical models of the cAMP pathway in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Reaction name Substrates Products Rate law
Glucose transport (reversible) Glucout Glucin
Glucose metabolism Glucin   k f [Glucin]
Gpr1-Glucose Association Gpr1, Glucout Gpr1Glucout k f [Gpr1] [Glucout]
Gpr1-Glucose dissociation Gpr1Glucout Gpr1,Glucout k f [Gpr1Glucout]
Gpa2 activation Gpa2i Gpa2a k A [Glucout] [Gpa2i]
Gpa2 deactivation Gpa2a Gpa2i (k A [Rgs2] + k f ) [Gpa2a]
Gpa2-Krh association Gpa2a,Krh Gpa2aKrh k f [Gpa2a] [Krh]
Gpa2-Krh dissociation Gpa2aKrh Gpa2a,Krh k f [Gpa2aKrh]
Ras2 activation Ras2i Ras2a
Ras2 deactivation Ras2a Ras2i (k A [Ira]+k f )·[Ras2a]
cAMP synthesis   cAMP
PKA activation PKAi 2*C
PKA deactivation 2*C PKAi k f [C]2·(1 + (k A [Krh]))
Cdc25 phosphorylation Cdc25 Cdc25P
Cdc25 dephosphorylation Cdc25P Cdc25
Pde1 phosphorylation Pde1 Pde1P
Pde1 dephosphorylation Pde1P Pde1
cAMP hydrolysis (Pde1) cAMP  
cAMP hydrolysis (Pde1P) cAMP  
cAMP hydrolysis (Pde2) cAMP