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Table 2 Nominal electrochemical characteristics of subcellular environments in eukaryotes. Values refer to yeast cells unless noted otherwise.

From: Calculation of the relative metastabilities of proteins in subcellular compartments of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Environment Eh, volt pH log m
Extracellular (intestine) -0.137 to -0.80a 3g -83.3 to -79.4
Cytoplasm -0.235 to -0.222b 6.5h -75.9 to -75.0
Nucleus -c 7.7i -c
Mitochondrion -0.360d 8j -78.3
Endoplasmic reticulum -0.185 to -0.133e 7.2k -69.7 to -66.2
Vacuole > +0.769f 6.2l > -9.2
  1. a. [30] (Homo sapiens). b. The lower and upper values are taken from [32] and [31], respectively. c. The state of the GSSG/GSH couple in the nucleus is thought to be more reduced than in the cytoplasm [40] (see text). d. [33] (Homo sapiens HeLa [34] cells). e. [2] (Mus musculus: mouse hybridoma cells [35]). f. Calculated by combining the law of mass action for Fe+3 + e- Fe+2 using standard molal Gibbs energies taken from Ref. [65] with . g. [36] (Homo sapiens). h. [37] (yeast). i. [66] (organism unspecified). j. [38] (HeLa) k. [67]. l. [1]. m. Values of Eh and pH listed here were combined with Eqn. (5) at T = 25°C, P = 1 bar and = 1 to generate the values of log .