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Table 1 NCA simulation with random noisy connections

From: A dynamic network of transcription in LPS-treated human subjects

  1% 5% 10% 15% 20%
Mean(Corr) 0.9892 0.9548 0.9330 0.9107 0.8880
SD(Corr) 0.0678 0.1258 0.1378 0.1579 0.1662
  1. NCA simulation was performed based on the original network model with 1~20% of random noisy connections. A pair of a transcription factor and a target gene was randomly selected; a random connection was added if the original connection did not exist, or removed otherwise. For each percentage of random connections, the simulation was repeated by 100 times. Mean and standard deviation of activity correlations with the original noise-free network model were calculated.