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Table 1 Features of Possibilistic MFA and alternative approaches

From: A possibilistic framework for constraint-based metabolic flux analysis

Feature TMFA LS-MFA FS-MFA Monte Carlo PMFA
Considers irreversible reaction   x x x x
Usable in scenarios lacking measurements    x o x
Includes a check of consistency x - - o x
Flexible description of measurements errors    - x x
Richer estimations (not only point-wise)    - x x
Computational efficiency x x x   x
  1. Possibilistic MFA (PMFA) is compared with four approaches for metabolic flux analysis, Traditional MFA (TMFA), MFA as a constraint least-squares problem (LS-MFA) and the flux spectrum approach (FS-MFA). Legend: (x) provided feature, (-) partially provided feature and (o) potentially provided feature.