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Table 1 List of experiments used in the global co-expression analysis

From: Large-scale analysis of Arabidopsis transcription reveals a basal co-regulation network

Accession Number Number of Samples Experimental Setup Sampled Tissue Lab
E-TABM-63 20 Mutant, Loss of Function Various Weigel, D
E-NASC-75 12 Mutant, Hormone Response Seedling Sakakibara, H
E-NASC-74 12 Mutant Seedling Coates, J
E-NASC-31 12 Mutant Seedling Hampton, C
E-NASC-29 12 Mutant, Nutrient Stress Seedling Greville, K
E-NASC-1 12 Mutant Seedling Cornah, J
E-MEXP-449 12 Loss of Function, Radiation Stress Leaf Van Breusegem, F
E-MEXP-444 12 Mutant, Radiation Stress Seedling Ruberti, I
E-MEXP-1094 12 Over Expression, Pathogen Stress Leaf Tang, Y
E-MEXP-547 14 Mutant, Pathogen Stress Seedling Felix, G
E-MEXP-300 15 Mutant Various Van Lijsebettens, M
E-MEXP-557 16 Mutant, Radiation Stress Seedling Ulm, R
E-GEOD-431 16 Mutant, Pathogen Stress Unknown Somerville, S
E-ATMX-3 16 Hormone Response, Over Expression Unknown Kim, J
E-TABM-21 18 Mutant, Light Conditions Various Weigel, D
E-NASC-76 18 Pathogen Stress Seedling Dewdney, J
E-NASC-61 18 Nutrient Stress Various Hammond, J
E-NASC-20 18 Mutant, Hormone Response Whole Plant De Grauwe, L
E-MEXP-265 18 Tissue Comparison Various Turner, SR
E-MEXP-550 20 Radiation Stress Seedling Ulm, R
E-MEXP-546 21 Mutant, Pathogen Stress Leaf Parker, JE
E-NASC-49 22 Light Conditions Leaf Smith, S
E-MEXP-475 23 Hormone Response, Nutrient Stress Seedling Bevan, MW
E-MEXP-791 24 Nutrient Stress Various Thibaud, MC
E-MEXP-739 24 Pathogen Stress Leaf Dudler, R
E-MEXP-509 24 Pathogen Stress Leaf Yang, C
E-NASC-77 27 Tissue Comparison Root Birnbaum, K
E-MEXP-728 28 Light Conditions, Temperature Conditions, Time Course Shoot Apex Weigel, D
E-MEXP-1138 28 Mutant Pollen Munster, T
E-MEXP-828 34 Nutrient Stress Root Coruzzi, GM
E-TABM-19 36 Mutant Apex Weigel, D
E-TABM-18 55 Ecotype Comparison Seedling Weigel, D
E-GEOD-911 12 Chemical Stress, Fusion Protein, Over Expression Seedling Wagner, D
E-GEOD-3454 12 Mutant, Hormone Response Seedling Zheng, ZL
E-GEOD-2848 12 Mutant, Time Course Flower Reed, JW
E-GEOD-991 14 Loss of Function, Gain of Function Seedling Bergmann, D
E-GEOD-3350 14 Mutant, Hormone Response Root Beeckman, T
E-GEOD-3326 16 Mutant, Temperature Conditions Seedling Zhu, JK
E-GEOD-3416 18 Light Conditions Leaf Stitt, M
E-GEOD-1110 22 Hormone Response Seedling Town, CD
E-GEOD-3220 24 Mutant, Pathogen Stress Leaf Somerville, S
E-GEOD-4733 27 Mutant, Hormone Response Stamen Browse, J
E-GEOD-3709 37 Temperature Conditions, Chemical Stress, Hormone Response Cell culture Whelan, J
  1. (*) The accession number refers to the corresponding ArrayExpress repository ID.