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Table 9 List of experiments used in the pathogen stress analysis

From: Large-scale analysis of Arabidopsis transcription reveals a basal co-regulation network

Accession Number (*) Number of Samples Experimental Setup Sampled Tissue
E-MEXP-1094 12 Over Expression, Pathogen Stress Leaf
E-MEXP-547 14 Mutant, Pathogen Stress Seedling
E-GEOD-431 16 Mutant, Pathogen Stress Unknown
E-NASC-76 18 Pathogen Stress Seedling
E-MEXP-546 21 Mutant, Pathogen Stress Leaf
E-MEXP-739 24 Pathogen Stress Leaf
E-MEXP-509 24 Pathogen Stress Leaf
E-GEOD-3220 24 Mutant, Pathogen Stress Leaf
  1. (*) The accession number refers to the corresponding ArrayExpress repository ID.