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Figure 4

From: Transforming Boolean models to continuous models: methodology and application to T-cell receptor signaling

Figure 4

Results of the parameter fit. (A-D) Simulation of the continuous model (solid lines) for high (red), medium (blue) and low (green) concentrations of ligand L144 and experimentally measured concentrations, cf. markers '+', '×' and ''. (A) ERK. (B) JNK. (C) NFAT. (D) IKK. (E, F) Distribution of the Hill parameters in the best fit parameter set for ligand L144 (Table 1). (E) Distribution of the thresholds k. The markers '+' indicate the position of the parameters which we set to kfast (blue) and kslow (red) at the beginning of the optimization. The marker '' indicates the position of kL144; for comparability the thresholds kQ144 and kY144 are also indicated, cf. the markers '' and '□', respectively. (F) Distribution of the Hill exponents n.

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