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Table 1 One tailed paired Wilcoxon test P-values comparing distribution of local measures of disruption in information flow in metastatic and non-metastatic PIN-mRNA networks across four different breast cancer cohorts.

From: Increased entropy of signal transduction in the cancer metastasis phenotype

Metric EMC (n= 1903) Mainz (n= 1900) Frid (n= 1270) LoiUnt (n= 1899)
0.001 0.01 0.54 2e-13
1e-16 5e-10 1e-12 3e-70
dS 2e-16 6e-13 <1e-100 <1e-100
  1. denotes the difference in mean local correlation, denotes the difference in mean local absolute correlation and dS denotes the differential local entropy. In the case of the non-metastatic networks, values were averaged over 10 distinct bootstraps before computation of the P-values. The number of pairs (nodes) in the test, n, corresponding to the number of nodes in the network with degree ≥ 10 are given.