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Table 2 Gene Set Enrichment Analysis of the top 200 genes of which 133 showed increases in entropy.

From: Increased entropy of signal transduction in the cancer metastasis phenotype

Pathway P (dS > 0) P(dS < 0) Example genes
Apoptosis 6e-7 n.s FAS, TP53, TP53BP2, BCL2, BCL2L1, CASP3
IL2 6e-4 n.s IL2RB, HRAS, FOS, SOS1, LCH, SHC1
AR 8e-4 n.s SNX1, RBX1, BSG, NOTCH1, RAB27A, TAF9
IGF1 9e-4 n.s IGF1, IRS1, IGFBP7
  1. While we observed enrichment of biological pathways among genes showing increases in entropy, there was none among the 67 genes showing decreases. P-values of enrichment (one tailed Fisher's exact test) against genes showing entropy increases (dS > 0) and decreases are given (dS < 0) and were calculated using all nodes of degree ≥ 10 as reference (1903 genes) to avoid intrinsic literature bias. n.s = not significant