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Table 3 Execution Time of Algorithms by Cell Population Sizes

From: Integrative multicellular biological modeling: a case study of 3D epidermal development using GPU algorithms

Method 128 cells 250 cells 500 cells 1000 cells 5000 cells
Newman 180s     
No boundary 16s 33s 80s 218s Kernel limit
Periodic boundary 43s 85s 263s 793s Kernel limit
Center, No boundary 10s 20s 33s 50s 550s
Center, Periodic boundary 26s 48s 79s 125s 944s
Movement, Gene Network      
No boundary 18s 38s 86s 241s Kernel limit
Periodic boundary 46s 87s 286s 811s Kernel limit
Center, No boundary 13s 24s 42s 72s 630s
Center, Periodic boundary 29s 51s 88s 146s 1038s
Full Model      
Center, No boundary 18m19s 41m59s 93m38s 239m34s  
Final cell count 623 1159 2377 4735  
Center, Periodic boundary 61m14s 151m25s 286m15s 573m55s  
Final cell count 582 1059 2286 4585