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Table 2 Comparisons of total NADPH and NADH yielding fluxes from the central carbon metabolism network of E. coli JM101 in control and PQ-containing media.

From: A systematic investigation of Escherichia coli central carbon metabolism in response to superoxide stress

Cofactors PQ-containing medium Normal medium
NADPH 1.15a 0.81a
NADH 3.2-3.41a, b 3.8a
NADPH 0.98-1.28c 0.65-1.03c
NADH 3.16-3.60c 3.62-4.07c
  1. The values represent the sum of NAD(P)H producing fluxes.
  2. aComputed yields from flux values of the optimal fit.
  3. bUpper and lower bound of NADH generation in the PQ stress experiment.
  4. cThe 90% confidence interval of the respective total fluxes.