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Table 1 Positive and negative feedback loops of the three regulators of sporulation*.

From: Prediction of quantitative phenotypes based on genetic networks: a case study in yeast sporulation

Regulator Function Feedback loops
Ime1 P i. Ime1-> Ime1;
   ii. Ime1->Ndt80-> Ime1;
   iii. Ime1->Ime2->Ndt80-> Ime1.
Ime2 P i. Ime2-> Ime2;
   ii. Ime2->Ndt80-> Ime2;
   iii. Ime2--|Sum1--|Ndt80-> Ime2;
   iv. Ime2->Ndt80->Clb1->Cdc28-> Ime2.
Ndt80 P i. Ndt80-> Ndt80;
   ii. Ndt80->Ime2-> Ndt80;
   iii. Ndt80-> Ime2--|Sum1--|Ndt80;
   iv. Ndt80->Ime1-> Ndt80;
   v. Ndt80->Clb1->Cdc28->Ime2-> Ndt80.
Ime1 N i. Ime1-> Ime2/Rim4--|Ime1;
   ii. Ime1->Ndt80->Clb1-> Cln2/Cdc28--|Ime1.
  1. * "-> " means the left node activates the right node and "--|" means the left node represses the right node. "P" and "N" represent that the functions of the feedback loops are positive and negative regulation, respectively.