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Table 2 Effects of removing positive feedback loops.

From: Prediction of quantitative phenotypes based on genetic networks: a case study in yeast sporulation

Perturbation a*
Ime1 auto-regulation 1.11
Ime1-> Ndt80 1.04
Ndt80-> Ime1 1.14
Ime1-> Ime2 1.00
Ime2-> Ndt80 1.08
Ime2 auto-regulation 1.00
Ndt80-> Ime2 1.00
Ime2--|Sum1 1.59
Sum1--|Ndt80 0.98
Ndt80-> Clb1 0.99
Clb1-> Cdc28 0.97
Cdc28-> Ime2 1.00
Ndt80 auto-regulation 1.01
  1. *a represents the effect of disrupting the edge to the completion of sporulation (see definition of a in the text).