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Table 9 Pseudo codes of CFA

From: Protein complex prediction based on k-connected subgraphs in protein interaction network

Step1:// Find maximal k-connected subgraphs
Procedure REFINE
Input: Graph G = (V, E) and a parameter k.
Output: All vertices in G of degree less than k are removed.
The reduced graph is returned.
Input: Connected graph H = (V, E) and a parameter k.
Output: Fragment the graph H into k-connected subgraphs.
If H does not have more than k vertices,
Then stop.
Find some u1,..., u h (h < k) in H such that H - {u 1,...,u h } is not a connected subgraph.
If such a set u1,..., u h is found,
Then for all connected component c in H - {u1,...,u h },
call COMPONENT(c,k)
Else return H as a result.
Procedure k-CONNECTED
Input: Graph G = (V,E)
Step2:// Filtering
Procedure CFA
Input: Graph G = (V, E)
Output: Maximal k-connected subgraphs in G of size at least 4.
Set k to 1
While Ck is not empty
   Set Ck to the result of k-CONNECTED(G).
   Increment k.
Set G 1 to 1-connected subgraphs from C 1 with the diameter < 4.
Set Gk to k-connected subgraphs from Ck with the diameter < k (for k ≥ 2)
Set U to the union of Gk's (k ≥ 1)
Remove all subgraphs of size less than 4 in the set U.