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Figure 5

From: Dynamical modeling of microRNA action on the protein translation process

Figure 5

Simulation of the non-linear protein translation model. Simulation of the non-linear protein translation model with parameters k1 = 2, k2 = 2, k3 = 5, k4 = 0.1, [40S]0 = 100, [60S]0 = 25, [eIF 4F]0 = 6. a) and b) chemical species concentrations at logarithmic and linear scales; c) and d) reaction fluxes at logarithmic and linear scales. By the dashed line several stages are delimited during which the dynamics can be considered as (pseudo-)linear. To determine where ">>" and "<<" conditions are violated, we arbitrarily consider "much bigger" or "much smaller" as difference in one order of magnitude (by factor 10).

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