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Table 2 MiSearch queries

From: A genetic network model of cellular responses to lithium treatment and cocaine abuse in bipolar disorder

   MiSearch # PubMedIDs Returned
  Query Lithium Cocaine
KLF6 ("Kruppel like factor" OR GBF OR ZF9 OR BCD1 OR CBA1 OR CPBP OR PAC1 OR ST12 OR COPEB OR DKFZp686N0199 OR KLF6) AND keyword 0 0
CRIP1 (CRHP OR CRIP OR CRP1 OR CRIP1 OR "cysteine rich protein") AND keyword 0  
DUSP1 ("dual specificity phosphatase" OR HVH1 OR MKP1 OR CL100 OR MKP-1 OR PTPN10 OR DUSP1) AND keyword 0 1
FOS ("FBJ murine osteosarcoma" OR AP-1 OR C-FOS OR FOS) AND keyword 143 401
FOSB ("FBJ murine osteosarcoma" OR AP-1 OR GOS3 OR GOSB OR MGC42291 OR DKFZp686C0818 OR FOSB) AND keyword 51 72
DDR2 (TKT OR MIG20a OR NTRKR3 OR TYRO10 OR DDR2 OR "discoidin domain receptor") AND keyword 0 0
NR4A2 ("nuclear receptor subfamily 4" OR RNR1 OR HZF-3 OR NURR1 OR TINUR OR NR4A2) AND keyword 2 4
RGS2 ("regulator of G-protein signaling" OR G0S8 OR RGS2) AND keyword 1 1
STC2 (stanniocalcin OR STC-2 OR STCRP OR STC2) AND keyword 0 0
RGC32 ("response gene to complement" OR RGC32 OR RGC-32 OR KIAA0564 OR MGC87338 OR bA157L14.2 OR C13orf15) AND keyword 0 0
HIG2 ("hypoxia inducible protein" OR HIG2 OR HIG-2 OR FLJ21076 OR MGC138388 OR C7orf68) AND keyword 0 1
ANTXR2 (ISH OR JHF OR CMG2 ORCMG-2 OR ANTXR2 OR "anthrax toxin receptor") AND keyword 0 0
  1. Using the MiSearch adaptive publications search, each of the differentially expressed genes was queried for known association with lithium response and cocaine. Counts refer to the number of publications returned for each query.