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Table 1 P-values for testing association of somatic mutations with the GBM.

From: Integrated analysis of mutations, miRNA and mRNA expression in glioblastoma

Gene p-value FDR Mutation frequency
TP53 3.46E-11 5.90E-10 0.1453
PTEN 2.25E-07 1.92E-06 0.0698
EGFR 1.22E-06 6.92E-06 0.0587
FKBP9 1.38E-04 5.89E-04 0.0363
CHEK2 1.39E-03 4.73E-03 0.0475
GSTM5 2.41E-03 6.86E-03 0.0251
DST 4.28E-03 8.12E-03 0.0223
RB1 3.54E-03 8.62E-03 0.0251
NF1 4.17E-03 8.89E-03 0.0363
BCL11A 1.36E-02 2.33E-02 0.0168
ERBB2 1.57E-02 2.43E-02 0.0307
PIK3C2G 2.45E-02 3.49E-02 0.0140
FN1 3.30E-02 4.33E-02 0.0168
COL3A1 4.46E-02 4.75E-02 0.0112