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Table 2 P-values for testing association of LOH.

From: Integrated analysis of mutations, miRNA and mRNA expression in glioblastoma

Gene P-value FDR Mutation frequency
NRAP 5.71E-07 6.24E-06 0.1173
MKI67 8.19E-07 4.47E-06 0.1229
C10orf54 1.02E-04 3.70E-04 0.0391
C9orf66 1.63E-04 4.46E-04 0.0419
MYO3A 6.40E-04 1.40E-03 0.0307
PRAME 2.14E-03 3.90E-03 0.0251
EGFR 3.20E-03 4.99E-03 0.0279
IL1RL1 7.11E-03 9.71E-03 0.0196
HLA-DOA 1.30E-02 1.57E-02 0.0168
ABCA13 2.37E-02 2.59E-02 0.0140
CYP1B1 2.37E-02 2.59E-02 0.0140